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Curiosity is the main driving force of the art of Tel Aviv artist Shulamit Kopf. Kopf stretches the concept of canvas as far as she can with experimentation. She recently began a new series based on a technique she developed where she makes parts of a standard canvas translucent allowing LED lighting to flood it from behind providing a contrast to the painted canvas made luminous.


She began her former series, “Wormhole” two years ago with unstretched canvasses, two meters long by one meter wide. She rendered thin black ink lines that curve, meander, turn a corner, meet, veer away, and at times intersect. Knowing how way leads on to way and since lines can fold back in time and space, she began folding the canvases, creating new intersections for the lines to meet, wormholes of the sort. At first, the folds were pressed flat but over time the folded canvasses began amassing volume turning into a wall sculpture.

In addition to a BA degree in philosophy and an MA in English literature, Shulamit Kopf completed a BA in Art History at Tel Aviv University. She has studied with painter Ronit Binder and at the Hatachana Studio in Tel Aviv with Aram Gershuni, Ilya Geftner, and Ran Tenenbaum. She has studied landscape painting with American artist Lois Griffel, former director of the Cape Cod School of Art.


She has held solo exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Krakow, and Paris and has participated in the 2022 Venice Biennale.

Shulamit Kopf Contemporary Artist
Shulamit Kopf Contemporary Artist


“Art in a Matchbox,” Venice Biennale, curator Doron Polak

“Tree trunk/Race,” Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv, group exhibition, curator Doron Polak, June


“Memory and Shoah,” Givatayim Gallery, group exhibition, curator Dr. Avivit Agam Dali, April


“Human Spotlight,” Space Gallery, Tel Aviv, group exhibition, curator Vered Gadesh, March

Art and About Gallery-permanent display

Bank Hapoalim- annual Israeli art exhibition, January


“Enfolded,” solo exhibition Tel Aviv Artist House-curator, Arye Berkowitz. February 18- March 13

Spirit of Israel and Discount Bank group exhibition, February Art and About Gallery- permanent display


"Hour of Grace," solo exhibition at the Zadik Gallery, Jaffa- Tel Aviv January 3 -24.



“Moscow to Berlin,” Beit Yad LeBanim, Ramat Gan, Curator Kobi Carmi, April 28-May 15

"Moscow to Berlin," JCC Krakow, Poland, Jewish Culture Festival, June 22- August 31

"De Moscou a Berlin," Concept Gallery, Paris, France, September 5-19


International Michelangelo Prize, Rome July 2019

ArtBox Project, Zurich 1.0 August 2019

ArtBox Project, Miami 2.0 December 2019


Tel Aviv municipal exhibition, hangar 3

Universal Art Gallery Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Annual Exhibition, to benefit AIDS


"Metamorphosis" Art Center Rishon L'Zion

"Money Talks" Ein Hod Central Gallery

"Destination/Destiny" Zadik Gallery, Jaffa

Shulamit Kopf Contemporary Artist
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